Termites Are Considered As One Of The Most Destructive Pests. Wood, Paper, Electric Wires Etc Are The Things Which The Termites Destroy.Termites Do Not Eat The The Wood But Eat The Cellulose Present In The Wood In Directly Damaging The Wood Within No Time.

There Are Different Types Of Termites

  • Dry Wood Termites,
  • Subterrian Termites,
  • Non Subterrian Termites

Termites Are Social Insects & Can From Large Nests And Colonies , Consisting Of Very Different Looking Individuals. The Colony Of Termites Consists Of Reproductive Castes [Queen & King] With Soldiers, Workers & Primary Reproductive Which Are Known As Swarmer.

Control Measures

Injection Treatment Will Be Done Against Termites For Which Holes Will Be Made At A Distance Of 2Ft On The Skirting [If Available] In Which Chemical Will Be Injected And Holes Will Be Sealed With White Cement. Chemical Will Be Sprayed Throughout The Wooden Structures Present In The Premises.