Rodents Are The Most Intelligent Mammals Which Are Dependent On Mankind For Food & Shelter.They Destroy Many Articles Like Packaging Material, Clothes, Electric Wires, Food Material etc.

They Can Also Destroy Structures Like Floor, Buildings Etc.

Rodents Can Cause Many Diseases Like Laptospirosis, Salmonellosis, Plague Etc.

Control Measures

Baits Treatment : This Treatment Is Given In Open Places Like Gardens, Bldg Surroundings Etc. In This Treatment We Would Place Baits i.e Cakes In The Areas Mentioned Above By Which The Rodents Eat The Bait & They Die After Consuming It.

Glue Traps : Glue Traps Are Used In Places Such As Flats, Offices & All Other Closed Premises .Each Glue Trap Has 2 Pieces In One Trap. The Rodents Get Attracted To The Glue Present In The Trap And They Get Trapped In The Glue After Getting In Contact With The Glue.